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Fresh Garden Vegetables at J&J Nursery and Madison Gardens Nursery, Spring, TX

Pepper vegetables to plant!

Plenty of peppers to liven up your vegetable gardens and entrees.

Imagine cooking your dinner with fresh vegetables and herbs from your garden! You can with Chef Jeff’s vegetables here at J&J Nursery!

We have customers who put their vegetable and herb gardens right by their kitchen and step out and get the vegetables right while cooking! Imagine doing that in your very home, too!

We have all kinds of herbs including rosemary, cilantro, French tarragon, basil, sweet basil, creeping rosemary, parsley, sage, lemongrass, peppermint, sweet mint, lavender and more! Some of our rosemary is over a foot tall in the pot!

Tomato vegetables to plant!

Imagine fresh tomatoes from your garden for breakfast, tomatoes in your salad and tomatoes for your dinner entrees!

Come see our extensive selection of tomato vegetables available to plant in your garden.

Tomato vegetables.

Tomato vegetables for planting!


Tomatoes for weeks!

We have a wide assortment of tomatoes! We have celebrity, big boy, better boy, early girl, sundried, tomato 100, Juliet, super 100, patio tomatoes, roma and more! Try a few different ones out in your garden!


Fresh vegetables for your tasty entrees!

Vegetables for your garden!

Spring is the time to get your vegetable garden growing!


We have a wide assortment of vegetables beside tomatoes. Check out our scrumptious cucumbers, zucchini, okra, pumpkins and more! We even have black diamond watermelon. Wow, we have arugula, too!

Plant your vegetables in a mix of half mushroom compost and half topsoil and watch them grow! Mushroom compost with fertilizer and earthworm castings is the best combination for your vegetables! Go green, eat green!

New Flowers, Plants & Products at JJs Nursery!

Blue iris

Blue iris

Bloom where you are planted like this beautiful blue iris!

Flats of colorful petunias.

Flats of colorful petunias!

Look who's visiting J&J Nursery!  A Monarch Caterpillar and he's munching on the Milkweeds!

Look who’s visiting J&J Nursery for lunch! A Monarch Caterpillar and he’s munching on the Milkweeds!

Plant milkweed and help keep the Monarch butterfly population from going extinct!

Fresh delivery this week of new flowers, plants and hanging baskets!

Fresh delivery this week of new flowers, plants and hanging baskets!

Look at what just rolled in this week at J&J Nursery! Baskets and flats filled with colorful flowers and vegetables, too!

Beautiful coleus plants.

Beautiful coleus plants.



Bright and cheerful impatiens flowers are waiting to hide your Easter eggs!

Vincas are here!

Vincas are here!

Don’t forget Color Star Plus with your Vinca purchase.

See our fantastic pottery, plants and more!

See our fantastic pottery, plants and more!

New Colorful Flats of Flowers, Bushes, Vegetables and more at JJs Nursery and Madison Gardens Nursery, Spring, TX!

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Gorgeous flats of flowers have arrived at J&J Nursery and Madison Gardens Nursery, Spring, TX. Come see our hanging baskets, vegetables flats of flowers, citrus trees, shrubs, vines and more! More flats of flowers and vegetables are arriving soon!


Camellia Espalier is something different and unique for your garden! Camellias bloom in spring and even in winter!


Baskets of flowers!


Lovely begonias and marigolds! Marigolds are great for repelling insects!


Hanging baskets for your patios and porches are here at Madison Gardens Nursery and JJs Nursery!


Butterflies and hummingbirds love Lantana! We also have Mexican Heather and Jade Plant.


Petunia baskets!


Beautiful succulents!


Succulents available! Great for easy maintenance and beginners! Don’t forget Superthrive plant food!


Delicious vegetables ready to be planted in your garden! Plant in a mushroom compost and topsoil mix for best results!

Stunning Alyssum. brightens up flower beds and hanging baskets!

Stunning Alyssum. brightens up flower beds and hanging baskets!

Green Thumb Fertilizer Classes Coming March 3 and 10th at J&J Nursery, Spring, TX!

Become a green thumb by dropping by to talk to our fertilizer representative! One of the secrets to becoming a great green thumb is you need to know how to fertilize your plants! Fertilizing is a MUST.

Free fertilizer classes for March 3 and 10th!

Free fertilizer classes for March 3 and 10!

We have two classes coming up! Drop by March 3rd or 10th between 10AM-12PM and get your questions answered about how to fertilize your plants! This is a great class to learn how to become a green thumb and get your plants to grow and thrive!

If you have insect or weed problems, bring a sample of your damaged plant in a plastic bag. Our expert can answer your questions about that, too!

See you March 3rd and 10th! Come prepared with questions!

Fall Vegetable Planting & Fertilizer Class at J&J Nursery!

Thank you for attending our “Fall Vegetable Planting and Fertilizer Class” this morning! Our guests learned new information and got some free samples for their plants and vegetables, too!

Fall Vegetable Planting and Fall Fertilizer Class

Fall Vegetable Planting and Fall Fertilizer Class

Sharing tips about vegetable planting!

Sharing tips about vegetable planting in front of the Ornamental Grasses section of the Nursery!

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