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Rye Grass for the Winter Months

SOS® Turf-Type Annual Ryegrass Blends and Mixture
  • SOS Turf-type annual ryegrass blends and mixtures with natural uniform spring transition 
  • Excellent overall turf quality for ‘winter color’ in dormant bermudagrass lawns, for home and commercial turf
  • Fast germination and establishment / Even with soil temps in mid-40’s
  • No need for use of chemicals for a fast, natural spring transition 
  • Outcompetes many grassy and broadleaf weeds at establishment, including annual bluegrass
  • Economically priced when compared to perennial ryegrass
  • Mixes exceptionally well with perennial ryegrass for improved persistence and density

Come in and grab your bag before the season is over!


The holidays are near, CHIMENEAS are here! 

 We will have beautiful Chimeneas and firewood! Select from our variety of seasonal products. An outdoor chimenea will enhance your life. Sharing stories around the fire brings families and friends together. At the end of the day a nice toasty fire and some good company will do wonders for your state of mind.




Christmas trees will be arriving this month. We will have a large selection to choose from, including Black Hill Spruce, Blue Spruce and Scotch Pine. Also, we FLOCK Christmas trees!!  dscn0034dscn0033


We will also offer Flocking. You can flock your tree light, medium, heavy or even extra heavy.


We will also have a fresh shipment of wreaths too!
Image result for fraser fir wreath