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Premium Lawn & Garden Fertilizer – Organic Fertilizer at J&J Nursery!

Nature’s Creation – Organic Premium Lawn & Garden Fertilizer

GardenLine with Randy Lemmon will also be talking about the Premium Lawn & Garden Fertilizer, an organic fertilizer, which is available here at J & J Nursery in Spring, TX! It is organic, vegan, and kid & pet-friendly. Come and get your lawn & garden green and healthy with this product!

Nature's Creation Premium Lawn & Garden Fertilizer 6-1-2

Nature’s Creation Premium Lawn & Garden Fertilizer 6-1-2

Advantages of using Organic Premium Lawn & Garden 6-1-2:

  • 100% Natural organi fertilizer
  • Clean, Uniform Pellets
  • Pleasant Smelling
  • No Animal Byproducts
  • No Biosolids
  • Slow Release Nitrogen
  • Never Burns

The fertilizer has easy to spread pellets that expand after water is applied to release their nutrition content to feed hungry plants and naturally occurring soil microorganisms. As these beneficial microorganisms grow and thrive, they process organic matter and minerals present in the soil into elemental nutrients readily absorbed by plant roots.

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