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Stop Grub Worms!

Have Grub Worms?

Buy Hi-Yield’s Grub Free Zone III to get rid of grub worms and to prevent future ones. They will eat the roots of your grass causing permanent damage that can only be solved by replacing the dead grass. How do you know if you have permanent damage? If you can easily pick up your grass like its a carpet on the floor, then your grass is already permanently damaged. Treat first with Grub Free Zone III and then replace your dead grass with grass sod from J&J Nursery! Grass is sold all year, but call us for availability on grass.

The best step is prevention especially since the Houston area is plagued by these nasty worms. Apply before an infestation and protect your yard!

Available at J&J Nursery and Madison Gardens Nursery, Spring, TX.

Protect your grass from grub worms!

Protect your grass from grub worms!