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GarlicCide Available at J&J Nursery, Spring, TX!

Nature’s Creation® GarlicCide

Randy Lemon will be talking about this excellent, natural fungicide and insecticide over the weekend on his show Garden Line!

GarlicCide from Nature's Creation is now available at J&J Nursery!

GarlicCide from Nature’s Creation is now available at J&J Nursery! Covers up to 4000 square feet!

GarlicCide is made from fresh garlic. Garlic has long been known to be an effective, natural insecticide and fungicide. It’s kid and pet friendly, too!

It repels:

  • ants
  • aphids
  • beetles
  • borers
  • earwigs
  • fleas
  • flies
  • grasshoppers
  • leaf miners
  • mealybugs
  • mosquitoes
  • roaches
  • sowbugs
  • thrips
  • weevils
  • whiteflies and more.

As a fungicide, you can use it on flowers, roses, vegetables, trees, shrubs, turfgrasses, fruit and nut trees. It controls and prevents black spot, brown patch, dollar Spot, Rust, Late Blight and more. Use as a preventative spray during periods of warm weather and high humidity.

Drop by and see our selection of fountains at J&J Nursery

and Madison Gardens Nursery.

Asian Fountain

Asian Fountain

Add Mexico Beach Pebbles for a nice, finishing touch to the Asian Fountain.

Mexico Beach Pebbles

Mexico Beach Pebbles

Italian Fountain

Italian Fountain

Three level cement Italian Fountain standing on crushed granite.


*Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.*

Fireworks Sale – Madison Gardens Nursery and J&J Nursery, Spring, TX!

Fireworks for all you pyros out there. 

Get your fireworks at Madison Gardens Nursery, Spring, TX and J&J Nursery, Spring, TX!

Check these beasts out!

Outlaw Crazy – Hear the gunfight roar!  200 gram multishot.


Look at this insane bad boy! Born on the Bayou, 16 shot cake, 200 gram demon!


Collect these must-haves at Madison: 500 gram monster cakes, 200 gram cakes, sparklers, artilleries, fountains, reloadables, rockets and missles, firecrackers, roman candles, tubes, assortment packages, kiddie fireworks.

Available at Madison Gardens Nursery, 7644 Spring-Cypress, Spring, TX.  281-376-7625 and
J&J Nursery, 4115 FM 2920, Spring, TX 281-355-6884.