Masonry Sand


Masonry sand. Great for mixing with cement, putting underneath “above-ground” swimming pools, rock gardens and children’s play sand boxes.


Masonry Sand
Masonry Sand



If you’re installing an “above ground” pool, level the ground before you add the masonry sand. Then place weed barrier on the ground. Tack the weed barrier to the ground using staples. Weed barrier will keep your sand from getting muddy when it rains. It will also keep your sand from sinking into the ground. Afterward, add your sand on top of the weed barrier.

You can also line the edges of your project with steel or polyboard edging. This will keep the sand from drifting away and will give your project a nice finished appearance.

You may need:

Polyboard or steel edging
Weed barrier
Weed barrier staples

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