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St. Augustine Grass!

Sod grass at J&J Nursery, Spring, TX

St. Augustine Grass
We try to stay stocked every day with St. Augustine grass.

Grass Sod at J&J Nursery, Spring, TX     

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Bermuda Celebration, Zoysia Empire, St. Augustine Palmetto

Available as special prepaid orders of a minimum of four pallets.

Questions and Answers

How big is each piece of sod?
Each piece is 2 feet long (24 inches) and 1.5 (18 inches) feet wide.

How much ground does sod cover?
One pallet covers 450 square feet. A half pallet covers 225 square feet.

How do I know how much grass I need?
Measure how long and how wide the area is where you're installing sod. Multiply length by width. This will give you the square feet. Then plug the square feet into the sod calculator and you'll see how much grass you need.

Weight of pallet?
One pallet weighs about 2,300 pounds and can fit in most average or large pick up trucks.

Should I buy dirt?
Most landscapers level the ground with a yard of topsoil or bank sand for each pallet of sod, if needed. You may also put down a layer of mushroom compost to help feed the grass.

Can I put a pallet on hold to pick up later?
No, you can purchase it in advance (in person or over the phone) and we can call you when it arrives.

How do I take care of new sod?
Make sure the ground is level or you may get pockets of water. Then water the ground with a mixture of water and root stimulator. Lay down sod like it is a brick wall. Then water twice a day (morning and evening) for two weeks using a mix of water and root stimulator.
Lay down sod in this pattern.

Should I fertilize my grass?
Only fertilize with "New Lawn Fertilizer" because regular fertilizer can destroy your sod.

My grass is not green. Why?
If you're buying it during the winter, it is dormant. You can still install the sod and it will be fine. In the spring it will turn green.

Hot Weather Sod Installation
During hot weather, install your sod right away. Do not let it sit for more than two to three days from the day the shipment arrived at our store. The sun and heat will cook your grass if not planted right away.

Grass Calculator

Grass Calculator