Weed & Feed

Time to apply WEED & FEED, BUG BLASTER, and F-STOP to your lawns!

Weed & Feed, Bug Blaster and F-Stop

Weed & Feed, Bug Blaster and F-Stop

Green Grass

Weed & Feed for control of pre-emerged and post-emerged weeds in Centipede, Zoysia and St. Augustine lawns. Fertilizes lawn for beautiful spring grass!

F-Stop controls and cures turfgrass diseases in established lawns and in ornamental turfs. Use on lawns, landscapes, golf course greens, tees and fairways. Turf diseases controlled include Anthracnose, Red Thread, Septoria Leaf Spot, Brown Patch, Copper Spot, Dollar Spot, Fusarium Blight, Leaf Spot, Melting Out, Crown Rot, Leaf Smuts, Necrotic Ring Spot, Powdery Mildew, Rust, Summer Patch, Take-All Patch and Zoysia Large Patch.

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Green Grass!